Keeping your chin up when you are depressed

keep chin upSometimes keeping a smile on your face can seem impossible when you are depressed. Life and the things that once interested you seem dull. One trick that you can do the help cheer yourself up is to re-discover that inner child. Sometimes the burdens of being an adult can make depression weigh even heavier on your shoulders. Laughter and having fun are actually some great ways to fight being depressed. What better way to help find the joy in life once more than by letting yourself be a kid again?

You can’t drop all your responsibilities, but you can take breaks

Studies have shown that taking routine breaks during work help improve mood and concentration. Being an adult is a lot of work. You either have a house to keep up with, a job to do, bills to pay, kids to tend to, or a significant other to tend with, sometimes all at once. You need to be able to take breaks during the day, and not just use them to worry about things. Do something fun, like read a book that you enjoyed when you were young, blow bubbles, or some other simple activity that is purely for fun. Even colouring a a picture can be an amusing way to spend a break. Part of why these simple things are so therapeutic is because they are things of pure joy. Children don’t think about responsibilities or have major worries. You can’t just hop back to that point in life, but reliving a little bit of it can help your mind be distracted from its gloominess.

Being an adult means you have access to some pretty fun toys

quadcopterOne advantage to having the responsibilities is that it typically means you have more control over the budget. If you have kids, this can translate to the perfect excuse for buying new toys. With the advances in technology there are some really interesting ones out there. The quadcopter, for instance, is a great sort of toy that is available in both kid oriented and adult oriented models. A lot of photographers have actually begun using them for amazing photos that would not of been possible before. They are a good example of a childhood toy that adults have been able to adapt to satisfy both work and play. You can check out sites like QuadcopterCloud to find reviews and pick the best one.

Why having fun works

When you are depressed your mind either refuses to focus or focuses on only the negative things. Having play time, or keeping up with an enjoyable hobby is a good way to fight depression. If you find yourself loosing interest in it, change it up. Keeping the smile on your face is a reliable therapy for depression, but don’t let it become tedious. If child-like playfulness is not within your abilities, explore yourself. Try watching comedies, attending stand-up sessions, or even browse local attractions until you find something that puts the same sparkle in your eyes that you had when you were a kid. Depression can make you loose sight of joy, one way to fight back is to make re-finding it an adventure.