How Massage Chairs Can Help With Depression

How Massage Chairs Can Help With Depression

Chances are that if you are reading this title, that you are skeptical. That is expected. I mean, how can a chair specifically designed to provide a relaxing massage help with the depression that a growing number of Americans are facing? Simply put, massage chairs help to create a range of situations that are all recommended by therapists and psychologists alike for lessening depression. How is this possible? Let’s find out.

Depression: A National Issue

Do you know that roughly 14.8 million Americans in the United States are currently suffering from depression? According to the Anxiety And Depression Association Of America, that is roughly 6.7% of the entire general public. In addition, research suggests that the base rates of anxiety, stress, and depression are rising. Costing more then 42 billion dollars every year, depression can make days miserable and even ruin lives.

Finding A Solution In An Unlikely Place

So how can a massage chair help to fight a great and frequently ignored crisis in American living? As stated before, it helps to create situations where your current level of depression will be alleviated. In addition, it can be examined through the three ‘m’s,


Did you know that the body stores stress, anxiety, and depression? As a practical example, take a moment to examine your own breathing. Are your breaths short and shallow or deep and long? Try taking a minute to focus on your breathing and to take deep breaths in and out. Notice a change? Breathing touches on the fact that within our muscles we store stress and anxiety. Massages have been shown to help decrease the rates of depression in individuals by lowering stress and anxiety. Whether because it is a result of stress being released from your body or simply because getting a massage feels great, you may feel less depression when using a massage chair, especially if you get into the habit of using it. As a final consideration, there are numerous aches and pains that we may take for granted in our daily lives. With the help of the massage chair, you can eliminate these minor annoyances and feel happier and fit as a result.


Meditation, like massage has been shown to produce a greater sense of well-being and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Meditation can often be hard to do because it requires dedicating a period of time in your day for reflection. By utilizing a massage chair, you can multi-task by both relaxing and receiving a massage while also taking the time to silently reflect. In addition to utilizing the pattern of the massage and timing your breathing accordingly, you can set in motion a schedule for meditation using the chair every day at a particular time. In less then a week of daily use, you will never want to go back!


The last and most important ‘m,’ what you do for yourself can make a big difference in base rates of depression. More often then not, one aspect of depression that individuals deal with is the idea that they are not worth treating out to something. Depression is seen as a great failure, when in fact it is something to better understand and being ok with it can be helpful. By taking the opportunity to buy yourself something as luxurious as a massage chair, you are investing in yourself and your happiness.

Where Does That Leave Us?

So, contrary to what you may have thought at the outset, a massage chair can help with your level of depression. If you enjoy massage and believe you would benefit from it, then now is as good of time as ever to treat yourself.

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