How music can change your mood

Music for depressionMusic is a powerful force. It can do anything, from rousing a crowd to a cheer to helping lull a little one to sleep. It is personal and universal at the same time. Many scientific studies have been conducted over the years, especially in the last decade, to confirm or discover new ways in which music can impact a person. In relation to your mood, specifically depression, it has the power to help lift you up or provide a means of voicing the thoughts and feelings inside your head.

Listening at home, or wherever you are.

Research has shown that there are parts of the ear that send signals directly to the part of the brain that controls emotion. It is why we can be so deeply affected by it, and why it can be so useful for therapy. Having a sound system, either on your computer or in the home is a great way to surround yourself with therapeutic music. Its also good to have a means of taking music with you, for when you need a quick pick me up in between tasks.

Making music can be even more powerful than just listening to it.

From something as simple to singing out loud, to using in home DJ equipment, making your own music can be a great way to exercise your ability to express how you feel. From a hands on approach with instruments to using DJ software to mix and edit new tunes, it does not matter what you use. The point is to have fun and do something to release the feelings that have been weighing you down.

A quick bonus

Check out this great YouTube video with some beautiful music to relax and sooth the soul:

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