Is the Bitcoin Bear Market Causing Depression in Some Millennials?

Bitcoin is undergoing a bear market situation as its price continues to dwindle. It had moments of recovery but the trend is still generally going downwards. This is becoming a headache among bitcoin owners or those who call themselves “investors,” many of whom happen to be millennials.

The news of bitcoin’s sudden rise certainly attracted the attention of many. Most of those drawn have been millennials who don’t really have a thorough understanding of what bitcoin is. For many of them, it’s simply something that apparently has a rising value so it’s worth “investing” in. That’s why when bitcoin price started sliding down, most of them were unprepared and ended up getting dejected with the gloomy outlook.

To say that many millennials have been depressed by what happened with bitcoin borders on farfetchedness. Many may have been saddened by the abrupt fall of bitcoin price but it would be too much of a hasty generalisation to adjudge depression among those who are holding bitcoins in the hopes of selling them for higher prices. Still, there were some who have truly fallen into depression after realising that their bitcoin “investment” is not going into the direction they expected or hoped for. published an article late last year, exploring the ways bitcoin investing is taking its toll on mental health. The article affirmed the reality of the kind of emotional swings bitcoin “investors” get afflicted with. The article referred to this as “oscillating emotions.” This particularly happens among inexperienced investors, as they get the high of getting massive gains and suffer a steep fall when the highs are followed by deep troughs. Risky trading like what can be observed in bitcoin entails serious mental and emotional consequences. In fact, there have already been a number of suicides reported in relation to bitcoin investment losses. Also worth noting is the setting up of a suicide hotline on Reddit to deal with suicidal tendencies following bitcoin’s continuing price drops.

The goal here is not to downplay the possibility of bitcoin to induce depression. What’s important to highlight is the need for millennials to be more aware of what they are getting themselves into. It would help getting insights from crypto review articles, interviews with experts, and others that could help shed light and provide guidance on how to go about with bitcoin “investing.” Depression because of bitcoin is a real possibility but it’s not necessarily a widespread threat that should sow fear and panic.

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Top 3 Health Apps for Android

Health is wealth as they say. If you want to live a happier and longer life, you should take care of your health. This is now made easier with the health apps that you can download on your Android device. Mobile apps are not just for entertainment, games, and social media, but for keeping your health on track too. Here are some of the best secret apps for Android that will help keep your body healthy. Well, they are not secret anymore as you will get to know them from the list below.

1. Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary

This app is a great way for you to ensure that your calorie intake is just the right amount, which will help you in losing weight and attaining or keeping your ideal weight. It helps you create an effective diet plan to reach your goals, as well as provide you motivation and tips that will guide you through the process of your health journey. It also offers analysis on a daily and weekly basis so you can track your progress and give you recommendations based on the result.

2. Google Fit

This used to be an app that was used together with the Android wear. Today, this app can be used even if you don’t have the said smartwatch. Moreover, you can use it with other apps and wearables, such as Lifesum, MyFitnessPal, and more. Your activities will be logged automatically throughout the day so you can see if you are hitting your fitness goal. It’s easy to check and analyse your progress as not only can you check it on the app on your Android device, but on the web via its site too.

3. Lifesum

It’s a free app that you can download, although it also comes with in-app purchases. Whatever your health goal is, whether you wish to lose weight, gain weight, or build muscles, this will give you a detailed guide on how to do it. It will track your progress and give recommendations that will direct you in achieving your goal.

These are just three of the health apps that you can download on your Android device. Start living a healthier lifestyle by trying one of them.

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How Massage Chairs Can Help With Depression

How Massage Chairs Can Help With Depression

Chances are that if you are reading this title, that you are skeptical. That is expected. I mean, how can a chair specifically designed to provide a relaxing massage help with the depression that a growing number of Americans are facing? Simply put, massage chairs help to create a range of situations that are all recommended by therapists and psychologists alike for lessening depression. How is this possible? Let’s find out.

Depression: A National Issue

Do you know that roughly 14.8 million Americans in the United States are currently suffering from depression? According to the Anxiety And Depression Association Of America, that is roughly 6.7% of the entire general public. In addition, research suggests that the base rates of anxiety, stress, and depression are rising. Costing more then 42 billion dollars every year, depression can make days miserable and even ruin lives.

Finding A Solution In An Unlikely Place

So how can a massage chair help to fight a great and frequently ignored crisis in American living? As stated before, it helps to create situations where your current level of depression will be alleviated. In addition, it can be examined through the three ‘m’s,


Did you know that the body stores stress, anxiety, and depression? As a practical example, take a moment to examine your own breathing. Are your breaths short and shallow or deep and long? Try taking a minute to focus on your breathing and to take deep breaths in and out. Notice a change? Breathing touches on the fact that within our muscles we store stress and anxiety. Massages have been shown to help decrease the rates of depression in individuals by lowering stress and anxiety. Whether because it is a result of stress being released from your body or simply because getting a massage feels great, you may feel less depression when using a massage chair, especially if you get into the habit of using it. As a final consideration, there are numerous aches and pains that we may take for granted in our daily lives. With the help of the massage chair, you can eliminate these minor annoyances and feel happier and fit as a result.


Meditation, like massage has been shown to produce a greater sense of well-being and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Meditation can often be hard to do because it requires dedicating a period of time in your day for reflection. By utilizing a massage chair, you can multi-task by both relaxing and receiving a massage while also taking the time to silently reflect. In addition to utilizing the pattern of the massage and timing your breathing accordingly, you can set in motion a schedule for meditation using the chair every day at a particular time. In less then a week of daily use, you will never want to go back!


The last and most important ‘m,’ what you do for yourself can make a big difference in base rates of depression. More often then not, one aspect of depression that individuals deal with is the idea that they are not worth treating out to something. Depression is seen as a great failure, when in fact it is something to better understand and being ok with it can be helpful. By taking the opportunity to buy yourself something as luxurious as a massage chair, you are investing in yourself and your happiness.

Where Does That Leave Us?

So, contrary to what you may have thought at the outset, a massage chair can help with your level of depression. If you enjoy massage and believe you would benefit from it, then now is as good of time as ever to treat yourself.

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Is coffee good or bad for depression?

Coffee cup and coffee beans on old wooden backgroundWhile avoiding junk food and being active when you are depressed is helpful, a lot of people question if that includes avoiding coffee as well. There have been a lot of studies done in the past few years to examine the potential relationship between drinking the right amount of coffee and avoiding depression.

One 10 year study that was published a few years ago showed a possible connection in women. They noticed that of the 50,000 participants, the 2,6000 who became depressed drank very little or non-caffeinated coffee. The other subjects, who drank at around two cups a day, seemed more resistant to becoming depressed. One scientist from the study suggested that the possible reason the women did not drink as much coffee was out of fear it would cause sleeping problems. As caffeine is a stimulant, too much of it, too close to bed time can cause or agitate troubled sleeping conditions. If you are depressed, you are likely already having trouble getting a good nights rest and don’t want to endanger it. That fear aside, the end result of the study was clear, and showed a trend of reduced chance of depression with more coffee consumption. Other studies including men have shown the similar results as well, so as a preventative, it is quite possible.

Does drinking coffee help after you’ve become depressed?

Once you’ve become depressed you have to cope with all the various issues it creates. Insomnia and unstable moods are part of depression and too much caffeine can make them worse. No study has been widely published yet to prove if starting a strict addition of coffee to your diet while being depressed has proven helpful. One reason why this remains an unknown potential is that caffeine can have severe interactions with some medications that are commonly taken to treat depression. If you are looking for more natural treatment options, then having a couple cups in the morning and mid-day may be a possible addition to your regimen.

In order to get your coffee in a cost effective and convenient way it is a good idea to invest in a coffee maker. There are plenty of sites out there with reviews which can you find the best coffee maker.

The bottom line is that it depends on the person

As with anything involving the human body, no two people with exactly identical reactions. Studies have shown that as a preventative measure, around two or more cups or coffee per day seemed to dramatically decrease the changes of becoming depressed. The chemicals found in coffee, including caffeine, can all have a positive effect that helps uplift mood and focus. However, as the same ingredients that produce these effects is a stimulant, it is possible to have too much and produce quite negative reactions.

If you are unsure, especially if you are taking medications, always talk to your mental health doctor before adding something new to your treatment plan. If they agree it is safe to try, then slowly introduce it to you diet and remember to keep it limited to the early daytime hours. Be sure to monitor how you feel in comparison to before you began drinking it ,and after using a journal or log. Note how much coffee you drank, at what times you drank it and any noticeable changes in mood or possible effects on sleep.

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