Why Exercise can be as powerful as any treatment for depression

Aside from helping you stay healthy, exercising can also be one of the most powerful ways of fighting depression. Studies have shown that endorphins produced while being physically active can help combat the imbalance that may be the source of the depression. When you fall into a major depressive state you tend to stop being very active. Getting up, out, and active can help you not only shake away the fog caused by depression, it can also improve a lot of other aspects in your life as well.

Before beginning any new type of exercise

Advise from FitnessFinest.com states you should always consider what activity is best for you. Generally healthy individuals who are just having issues with depression should have no problem starting just about any type of routine. Those who have chronic conditions, such as heart disease and joint degeneration, should talk with their doctor before starting a new fitness routine. Though it should not prevent you from becoming more active, there are many types of exercise that are safe for just about anyone and a trained medical professional can even help you create a tailored set of moves to accommodate your physical limitations.

For those who would prefer to stay indoors

It can be hard to motivate yourself to go outdoors, or to the fitness club even when you are not depressed. Luckily though, there are a lot of things that you can do inside that will still help you reap the benefits of exercise.

Yoga and dancing

yogaYoga is a very calming form of exercise that can be done just about anywhere and can produce soothing and uplifting sensations. It helps you feel more limber and teaches good breathing practices that are also good for meditation and focus.

Dancing might seem a bit odd, but it can be one of the best forms of exercise when you feeling depressed. With so many different styles to choose from, you can tango across the living room and salsa up the stairs, all without an audience to make you uncomfortable. Aside from producing the same beneficial chemicals as regular exercise, it can be a great source of fun that lifts your spirits. An ever popular option these days is Zumba which combines an effective workout with latin dancing. To make the most of it though, make sure to choose the best shoes for zumba, I found mine at ShoeFinale.

Turning chores into a fun workout

Who says cleaning has to boring? Conjure up a bit of that childhood imagination and turn it into an adventure. Put on some lively music and make some jaunty moves while going about your household work. You can even turn things into a speed competition. Time yourself on how quickly you can get them done and challenge yourself to beat the score. Excited movements and enthusiasm can get your heart pumping and those wonderful endorphins running.

Using in-home exercise equipment

rowing machines

If you want a closer to traditional type of workout you can do at home, then consider purchasing some at home equipment. Treadmills, for example, are very affordable and can be a simple way to exercise indoors and all year round. Simple weights and weighted straps are another way to either help workout or add to your activities. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an effective means of exercise, though if you want to spend more then you should consider a rowing machine. Some of the best rowing machines provide a great all round workout, CalmWatersRowing has reviews to get you started.

For those who can get outside

Working out in the home is great, but a lot of people find even more benefit from being able to get outside. Fresh air, sunlight, and potentially joining other people and friends can all help improve the odds of defeating depression with exercise.

Hiking is one outdoor activity that can be adjusted to different needs

Hiking does not always mean going up a mountainside. You can set up a hike whether you are in the city or countryside. A good pair of shoes, comfortable clothes, and perhaps a media device of some kind are basic essentials to a good hike. Not only does it give the endorphin rush of more vigorous exercises, a change of scene can do wonders when trying to change your mood. You can easily go as far as you like, and even begin to include more difficult terrain as you see fit.

Playing with friends

No matter how old you are, getting out with your mates and having a game of football, rugby, or even just throwing a disc around can be a good way to exercise your body and uplift the mind. Having fun, being active, being outside, and with friends can all have a powerful effect on your mental state. You can even channel the energy you spend on worrying and focusing on negative thoughts into something new, like a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

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