francescaMy name is Francesca, and as a person who has suffered with depression most of their life, I wanted to make a blog to try and help others. I have tried many different things to deal with my depression, and seen both traditional and holistic specialists. While it is a struggle that never seems to go away permanently, I have learned of many techniques and tips that can really help you manage the condition, without having to rely entirely on a lot of medication.

What really motivated me to create this website was not just going through this battle myself, but from what I saw of other people’s battles. In my effort to fight depression I have been to many different meetings and met with various support groups. One thing that a lot people mentioned was not really knowing where to turn. It takes a lot for people to have the courage to admit openly how they feel. Society can be so fickle, and the labels that people will throw on you, or what they will say behind your back can lead many people, who need help, to not get it.


While reading words on a screen may not be the same as having a real confidant, it is my hope at least that you can realize there are people who can empathize with what you are going through. Know always you are not alone in your struggle with depression, and even if you never get the chance to talk about it, know that my story is real and this advice can help.